Corporate Sponsorships

Together we can

Let’s help together

Partner with A Champions Shoes and help us create more champions!

We co-brand with our corporate sponsors to create a unique way to say Thank You to their customers.

With every purchase a customer makes, our corporate sponsors donate a pair of shoes to a child! In turn, THEIR CUSTOMER then gets a co-branded THANK YOU card, thanking them (the CUSTOMER) for the contribution their purchase made.

Making a difference together creates a bond and rapport with your customers that is second to none.

Benefits of being a Corporate Sponsor:

  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Gain Tax Deductions
  • Social Media Highlights


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    Words From Champions

    • The shoes were indeed a BLESSING! I am a parent of seven (7), of which five are still living at home. So as you can see, these shoes meant a lot to me. When our daughter opened her package, she acted as if it was Christmas LOL! ♥ They were pretty white w/ pink Reeboks that were uniquely her for her age (8 yrs). 

      From a Champion,

      Memory M.

      Memory M.
    • Hi,  

      This is Pau , Khawl and Cing  mom. We are so great full for the shoes that we got today. All of the shoes that’s fit for my kids. 

      Thank you,