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About Us

It all started on a family walk… We are a family of four – Mom worked full time in corporate America, dad’s a serial entrepreneur, and the boys were 5 and 2. We were discussing how we were going to balance our blessings at the end of the year and MJ (our oldest) suggested we give away shoes. We thought it was a wonderful idea – I mean who doesn’t love slipping on a brand new pair of shoes?

Initially our goal was to give away 100 pairs by the end of the year as a family. But if you know us you know we don’t do anything small, so one morning Mike came home from the gym and was like, “Why stop at 100?”

A few weeks later we were officially official as a 501(c)3 with a new mission to go nationwide!

We raised $35,000 and donated 360 pairs of shoes in the first month, and since then Tiffany (aka Mom) has quit her corporate career to help lay the foundation of the organization and set us up to accomplish our BIG goal.